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"Good To Knows"

Where to Park?

The City of Lambertville and the Borough of New Hope both have paid private lots, metered street parking, as well as the ability to pay through the Park Mobile app which you can download on your phone. Please allow yourself enough time to find a parking space to ensure you arrive at your tour meeting spot on time!

What to Wear?

Colder Months: Layers are never a bad idea. Even if its cold, you're likely to warm up with all of the walking, plus it is warm inside the restaurants on cold days. 


Warmer Months: It is always cooler inside so dress for the warm weather but bring a light sweater in case the air is cranking inside!


****Also, we love a cute shoe but comfort is key on our tours! A good walking shoe is best!****

What do I bring?

Well, we like to say: "Bring yourself & your appetite!" Also, an open mind won't hurt! 

What is a Private Tour vs. a Group Tour?

We are so glad you asked!


A private tour is an opportunity for you to have a more intimate and customized setting for your group. If you only want it to be you & yours, then this is the tour for you. Family gatherings, work outings and special events are great for private tours. 


Group tours: If you want to make friends with other foodies and like to mingle and mix with the crowds then this is the tour for you!


***Please always feel free to call us or email us directly if you'd like to discuss which tour may be best for you or your group in more detail. | (908) 268-1720

Is this a kid friendly activity?

Family friendly? Yes. Kid friendly? Not particularly. We recommend that tour attendees are at or over the age of 18. It is our strongest recommendation that tour attendees are 21 or older, to ensure they get the most out of their tour experience. 

What if I have food allergies/sensitivities?

Please, if you have any food issues that you would tell a restaurant about, then we need to know about them too! We will be as accommodating as possible but we need to know ahead of time to best plan for you and your group!

What if it rains?

Our tours are typically rain or shine - so bring an umbrella & your sense of humor! In the event of severe weather, we will make a judgment call and can offer you a credit for your tour. 

What if I don't like food, people or fun?

May we suggest an activity that more suits your needs, such as napping or avoiding people in general? Seriously, though. These tours are NOT for everyone and we appreciate all people from all walks of life. If you are at all hesitant or have questions, PLEASE call us and we are happy to explain what it is we do in more detail. 

What if I don't like walking?

Best to sit this one out as we usually cover a couple miles worth of ground on these walking tours. OR you can ask us about our transportation tours!

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